Meghan Markle is set to enter a new milestone as her upcoming 40th birthday is fast approaching. This marks a new decade full of hopes and changes throughout her personal life.

Over her 30s, the Duchess of Sussex's life turned upside down when she had her breakout role in "Suits," playing the character of Rachel Zane; she also joined the royal family after marrying Prince Harry in 2018. Before entering a new decade, she had two children named Archie and Lilibet.

Markle revealed that her life wasn't always a fairytale as she detailed that she struggled a lot during her 20s.

In a September 2014 post from her blog called "The Tig," retrieved by Mirror UK, she gave fans a glimpse of the problems she faced at the time. The post was titled "Birthday Suit," an entry to celebrate her 33rd birthday at the time.

She revealed that her 20s were "brutal" because she's constantly battling her inner thoughts, especially her physical appearance. She mentioned that she's judging her weight and style as she aspires to be "cool" or "hip" as everyone else.

Even though she had a rugged 20s, Markle added that her teenage years were far worst than what she experienced at the time.

She stated that she was having a hard time fitting in during her high school years as everyone has their own "cliques," which was black and white girls, Filipinos, and Latinas.

Markle, being biracial herself, had a tragic experience because she felt that she falls under the category of "in between."

To cope with the situation, the Duchess mentioned that she would often spend her time with school societies like the French club to have people with her to eat lunch with.

Meghan Markle's Ray of Light

Despite falling into an abyss of self-doubts and unfortunate personal issues, when she was 24, a mantra stuck to her after attending an audition.

She revealed that a casting director told her, "you need to know that you're enough. Less makeup, more Meghan."

The words became close to her heart that they became a repetitive phrase that repeatedly plays in her mind daily.

To conclude her birthday post, she asked her fans for a perfect birthday gift that would make her happy. Markle wrote, "I want you to be kind to yourself. I want you to challenge yourself." In addition, she also mentioned that people should find their happiness as she already did, and she "never felt so good."

Why Did Meghan Markle Shut Down Her Blog?

Unfortunately, her blog, named after her favorite wine, was shut down in 2017 after dating Prince Harry.

The blog is believed to have other inspirational posts in a span of three years. Markle's previous entries are still accessible today via a Tumblr account named "The Tig Archives."