Following the messy divorce of Bill Gates and ex-wife Melinda French Gates, more information has come to light regarding the former's previous connections and relationships, the most notorious being Jeffrey Epstein.

According to a report published by Rolling Stone, the outlet suggests that Epstein and Gates had a bitter history involving money, and many people are still seeking answers whether it's true or not.

The outlet revealed that they reached out to the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" to respond to how they met; a spokesperson told that many people had been pushing the two to meet each other as they believe the latter would bring funds into the organization.

In 2019, When the tech whiz attended The New York Times Dealbook Conference, he somehow gave the public a glimpse of his relationship with Epstein.

The Microsoft CEO revealed that he thought his previous discussions with the famous neurosurgeon would lead to "billions of dollars going to global health." However, none of it came to fruition.

Jeffrey Epstein Also Tried Using Bill Gates To Get Money

To detail the story on how the two met, per the outlet, a woman named Melanie S. Walker, a neuroscientist and neurosurgeon, first met Epstein in a hotel in New York City.

Epstein hired her to be a science advisor that became a big deal for her as she felt grateful for the job opportunity.

A source told the outlet that her role was to get more connections from Cal Tech and elsewhere to get funding. Another insider revealed that Walker was also linked to Prince Andrew, but they were described as "close friends."

Later on, she moved into Seattle with a man who's an executive at Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky.

Walker then met Gates at a small gathering. The philanthropic organization later hired her, and it was revealed that Walker has been talking highly about Epstein to Gates.

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In 2010, Gates launched a project that aims to get funding from wealthy personalities across the globe; his foundation thought Epstein is a billionaire as he's giving the impression of one.

However, at the time, Epstein didn't have that amount of money until later.

Gates and Epstein became acquaintances after meeting each other at dinner in 2011. Their professional relationship was going steady until Epstein asked to have a percentage of money from the donations that the foundation had gathered.

The situation gave the philanthropist a lousy impression and red flags; this is most likely why he ultimately decided to cut him off.

Melinda French Gates Furious With The Two's Relationship As They Met Following Epstein's Conviction?

According to an article published by The Daily Beast, people familiar with the situation allege that French Gates was furious with her now ex-husband's relationship with Epstein; could this be one of the reasons for their divorce?

In early reports, Jeffrey Epstein had faced severe allegations of procuring a child for prostitution and soliciting a prostitute; he was convicted in 2008.

Epstein's situation was described by French Gates as "uncomfortable" as she doesn't want to be in the same room with a sex offender.

However, neither Bill Gates nor Melinda French Gates had confirmed whether Jeffrey Epstein was part of why they divorced.

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