Dehydration and exhaustion can certainly make a person land in a health crisis, which are exactly what Lamar Odom are dealing with right now. He got so dehydrated and tired that he had to cancel a gig - a Facebook live event where he was supposed to appear.

The former NBA player was supposed to speak with Joy Sutton of "Addiction Talk" on Wednesday night, but the player had to cancel at the last minute due to health issues, Sutton claimed.

"Just moments ago we received information from his team, the agency that works with him, that let us know that he wont be able to join us tonight due to some health concerns," Sutton shared on the stream. "We've been told that he's dealing with dehydration and exhaustion, and I can tell you that he did want to be here tonight.  

Odom's representatives did not respond to a request for comment about what really happened, but they did say on Instagram that his "exhaustion and dehydration" were caused by "working out and basketball camps."

"We ask that you lift him to the light and hold him there as he rests and heals," his management team added. 


The event hasn't been rescheduled yet.

Odom, 41, has been open about his drug addiction and therapy throughout the years, claiming that tiny dosages of ketamine have helped him maintain his recovery.

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In May, Odom's doctor, Steven L. Mandel, told Page Six that he was impressed by Odom's candor because it may assist others struggling with addiction. It's a joy to have such a well-known individual draw attention to this," Mandel added. "It's incredible. So I'm grateful, because his honesty and sincerity will assist countless of people." 

Radar Online however surmised that the sudden health crisis is born from having too many obiigations, including child support. 

This would have been his first performance since a judge ordered him to pay his baby mother Liza Morales $400,000 in child support. Last week, a court ordered Lamar to pay Morales the six-figure sum after the Basketball Wives star accused him of not paying his child support.

Back in May, Morales filed a lawsuit against Lamar, alleging that he failed to pay her for his two adult children, Destiny Odom, 23, and Lamar Odom Jr., 19.

The former basketball player has not paid any child support payments since June 2020, according to his ex. Morales stated that his failure to pay his bills was causing financial hardship for her and her children. His ex-girlfriend said she was facing eviction and owing over $83,000 in unpaid rent. 

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