Chrissy Teigen is clearing the air about a new allegation she's facing today. 

The cookbook author recently took to her Instagram stories to address complaints of several fans about the positive nature of her social media accounts.

She mentioned that it's funny how critics are pointing out that her comment sections don't get angry enough or hate comments despite facing a series of controversies.

John Legend's wife added that people think she's deleting negative comments on her posts.

"That's like next-level hater when you're mad that there's not enough hate. It's pretty... you're just crazy." The model said while wearing a multi-colored silk robe and a dog filter (via E! News).

In addition, Teigen stated that the public gets mad even though she leaves a nice comment on somebody's Instagram photo, driving them to get angry because she's alive.

The "Lipsync Battle" host did not specifically name the people alleging that she's been deleting comments.

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Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Endorsements

Besides being an A-list celebrity and a television personality, Teigen also gets a handful of brand deals to earn coins.

She had numerous endorsements from luxury brands in the past that she posts on her Instagram. However, in early reports, she got dropped by major companies amid her online bullying controversy.

Macy's, a high-end department store, previously dropped their collaboration with Teigen, a cookware line called "Cravings by Chrissy."

Following this, Bloomingdale's had also canceled their deal with Teigen a few hours before signing the contract.

Today, Teigen appears to be back on track with brand endorsements as she recently posted a paid partnership post with "Sir Kensington's," a food company that sells various condiments.

The brand reached out to her to collaborate on a "Honey Mustard Fry Sauce."

Teigen also revealed that she produced a documentary for the company, which is available for streaming on Peacock.

"I literally produced a new doc called 'FRIES! The Movie', where we travel around the world to better understand why so many people love them as much as I do." She wrote.

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