Lea Michele is trending on Twitter, and fans have been wondering how she's feeling after Sonia Friedman and Scott Landis announced that Beanie Feldstein would be the lead actor of Broadway's "Funny Girl" Revival.

It's been 13 years since Lea Michele took the performing arts stage, and she's been rumored to reprise the role of Fanny Brice for the upcoming show. However, fans' hopes were put to waste as the production already announced the new lead.

Following the news, other supporters immediately took to Twitter to share their hilarious speculations on how Michele reacted to the recent announcement.

Most of them compared her attitude to Rachel Berry, a character full of sass and attitude, the actress's role in Glee.

"i jus kno lea michele is somewhere in a corner violently shaking and crying rn." One fan wrote.

"thinking about how lea michele cried because she learned spanish for her west side story audition and didn't get the lead. someone check on her." Another fan wrote.

Fans also took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation by sharing hilarious video reactions of Michele.

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Lea Michele's Broadway, TV Career

According to Just Jared, the 34-year-old actress debuted on Broadway at the age of eight when she played the role of Young Cosette in "Les Miserables."

She also became a part of several musical plays, including "Fiddler on the Roof," "Ragtime," and the Tony award-winning "Spring Awakening."

Michele had her most significant TV break when she was cast on the hit television series "Glee," which ran from 2009 to 2015. She also appeared on the Netflix show "Scream Queens."

Funny Girl Revival

After days of speculation on who will play the role of the first revival of "Funny Girl," Playbill confirmed that Beanie Feldstein would lead the show.

Performances will begin next year, but further details like other cast members, location, and dates are yet to be announced, but the producers confirmed that the first show would start in the spring of 2022.

Michael Mayer, a Tony award-winning director, will direct the show's production. The creative team includes designer David Zinn, and the choreographers will be Ellenore Scott and Ayodele Casel.

Besides Lea Michele, Lady Gaga was also rumored to play the role of the lead character.

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