Are the country singers turning their backs on Gwen Stefani?

Some of Blake Shelton's friends in his turf are reportedl furious about Gwen's foray from ska to pop to the country without missing a single beat.

In Star magazine's article titled "Gwen: Backstabbed by Country Stars," the "Hollaback Girl" hitmaker is finding out the hard way that "Nashville nice" isn't true.

She and Shelton released their song "Nobody But You," immediately topped country charts and even landed a nomination for the Academy of Country Music Awards.

A source said that outside the Academy, country superstars aren't happy with Stefani's hopping to the top of an entire genre with just a song she released with her country superstar husband.

"They're shaking their heads and saying what makes her think she can be one of them."

What made it worst is the fact that Stefani has "turned her nose up" on her husband's Oklahoma home and instead went back to California to purchase a luxurious mansion for $13 million, which is an astonishing and not-so-South thing to do.

Per the source, "No one admits it on record. But privately, there's a big disappointment that she rode into the South and took what she wanted and went back to Hollywood. The world of country can be highly tetchy."

"You can't just waltz in and out when you choose!"

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Fought Before Wedding

Back in July, it was reported that the couple's wedding almost didn't push through because they got into a massive fight.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton tied the knot over the Fourth of July weekend but In Touchclaimed they had a massive argument days before their wedding.

That was why Stefani was spotted walking the streets without her engagement ring on.


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An insider claimed to the outlet that it was very easy to determine that the former No Doubt frontwoman wasn't wearing her engagement ring during the outing because she never went out without it since getting engaged in Oct. 2020.

The massive fight reportedly happened after Stefani's bridal shower, and they discussed where they would be living.

"With the pandemic waning, there was a lot of pressure to have this massive, perfect bash for their family and friends, so they were both on edge."

Are There Any Truth To These Gwen Stefani Stories?

Gossip Cop debunked Star's report that many country singers are turning their backs to Blake Shelton's wife.

There's no proof that Gwen Stefani's so-called intrusion has gotten some fury.

Also, there is no indication that she and Shelton fought days leading up to their wedding.

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