Virgo season has arrived, and BTS ARMYs go wild after the one and only Beyonce added the youngest member and vocalist Jungkook on her "Virgo Season Yearbook."

On August 22nd, this article reported that the pop star filled her website with baby pictures of fellow Virgo celebrities.

Alongside familiar faces like Blake Lively, Jennifer Hudson, and Nick Jonas, the website also featured Jungkook's baby picture as one of the most well-known Virgo celebrities in the entertainment industry.

ARMYs worldwide expressed their excitement as Jungkook was also on the list of celebrities recognized by Queen Bey herself on the homepage of her website. The update caused chaos in the BTS Army community as this is seemingly rare for the "Dynamite" and "Butter" hitmakers, BTS.

Twitter Reacts On Beyonce's Virgo List

Just as numerous users online shared Jungkook's baby photo, many have shared their celebration as this becomes another win for ARMYs and the Beyhives. "Beyonce" even reached the top of Twitter's trending list!

More had also recalled when BTS visited the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, back in May 2018, where the then-20-year-old was seen dancing to Beyonce's "Run The World."

Twitter users were also alarmed by the fact how the group was private, as well as Beyonce. They even started theorizing the most prominent world stars on the planet today could release a collaboration soon.

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More On The Beyonce's 'Virgo Season Yearbook'

As you visit Beyonce's official website, there were 33 baby pictures published along with Jungkook. Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, the page also has Pink, Adam Sandler, Zendaya, Amy Winehouse, Bernie Sanders, Cameron Diaz, and Ludacris.

Mother Teresa, Nas, Tyler Perry, Wiz Khalifa, Keke Palmer, Billy Porter, and Adam Sandler were also there. As you scroll down the website, recognition was also given to the greatest Virgo basketball player, Kobe Bryant, leaving a photo of him in a court with a ball in his hand.

The website further described the characteristics a Virgo has and left words that said, "Hard-Working, Creative, Reliable, Patient, and Kind." They also added photos of Dua Lipa and Loretta Devine, who celebrated their birthdays when they updated the website.

As the long photo collection reached the end, Beyonce left a message for her fellow Virgo babies as she signed, "Wishing all Virgos a Happy Birthday!" at the end.

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