Starring with his daughter Dylan Penn, Sean Penn was reported tanked with their new movie "Flag Day" as they raised a $1,656 per-screen average from 24 runs after one weekend.

The 2021 movie where the father-daughter starred has gotten a glum opening, according to Deadline

"Flag Day" is Sean Penn's newly directed movie where he retold Jennifer Vogel's memoir "Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father's Counterfeit Life." It was released on August 20 under United Artists Releasing. 

They also reported that the film targeted an older and sophisticated demographics for which 56% of the audience were over age 55. The United Artists Releasing's president Erik Lomis said in the article that the movie industry still has an ongoing struggle "as a proposition not made any easier by the Delta variant."

'Flag Day' Situation

As also mentioned in the same source, the film grossed $10,000 by Friday, $18,000 by Saturday, and $11,000 on Sunday, which they got from ten markets. By reaching next weekend, they planned to expand the project to 24 markets and 50 theaters.

After premiering in Cannes, Penn's work reached an 88% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes but gained only 50 ratings so far.

The film revolved around a young woman who must come to terms with the emotional struggles left behind by her father, a con artist, per Independent.

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Sean Penn's Vaccine Agenda

In July, Penn refused to work on his upcoming Starz series "Gaslit" until everyone on set had been vaccinated. And in an interview with CNN, the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" actor shared his thoughts about unvaccinated moviegoers who plan to watch his movies.

"I do believe that everyone should get vaccinated. I believe it should be mandatory," he said. "It's rare these days to have something that is exclusively theatrical. Eventually it will stream, and that's a better time for the unvaccinated to see it, though I think I'll probably offend them out of that choice," he also added.

As "The Flag Day" did not achieve a groundbreaking premiere, did his statement for the moviegoers contribute to why it happened?

According to Variety, during the premiere of "Flag Day" on August 11, Penn also released a statement saying, "I do request people who are not vaccinated, don't go to the cinemas. Stay home until you are convinced of these very clearly safe vaccines."

Beyond his public statements, Penn has also made himself involved in increasing vaccine access through his nonprofit organization, Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE).

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