Dylan Penn admitted to having fought with her dad, Sean Penn, for over two hours on the set of their most recent movie.

The father-and-daughter duo is involved in making "Flag Day," with Sean directing the film and Dylan starring in it.

The director has worked with prominent actors, namely Jack Nicholson and Kristen Stewart but nothing beats directing his daughter.

According to E!, the Penn family went on Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show" to promote their upcoming project. The host asked the two if they had any behind-the-scenes disagreements during the interview while shooting "Flag Day."

"We had one major [argument]... I think it was a two hour standoff about a note that he had," answered Dylan.

Two industry professionals could debate for two hours about a simple thing as mascara.

Who Won The Argument

Dylan Penn continued to explain the situation to Stephen Colbert, saying, "[We argued] about whether I could wear mascara or not wear mascara."

After describing the fight as something "a father usually has with a daughter when she's 12," the actress admitted that Sean won. The admission to a fight triggered Colben to ask, "Did you guys go somewhere private to have this fight, or was it a knock-down, drag-out in front of the crew?"

Sean's daughter confirmed it happened in public and that the production staff had to suffer through the tension of the post-argument.

"Once it was clear that she was making the wrong decision, I just went and sat down, and then the silence was one the crew had to live with for two hours while the Penns figured it out," said Sean.

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Dylan Penn's On-Screen Rape

Petty disagreements aside, Sean Penn included some intense scenes in "Flag Day," such as his daughter's role almost getting raped.

The actress confesses that performing the particular scene had been intense, especially since her dad had been right there. "I thought it would be really difficult to be that vulnerable and naked, in a sense, in front of 50-something crew members that I didn't know very well," said Dylan.

However, that was not the case as the younger Penn felt supported as she was in the presence of her family members, sources reported.

Dylan's father also shared how he felt at odds with himself while directing her drug abuse and near-rape scenes.

"I felt like I should be calling Child Protective Services on myself a few times! But she was so invested and startingly wonderful," Sean confessed.

"Flag Day" is not available on any streaming platform but can be viewed in person at your local theater starting Today.

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