The up-and-coming Met Gala is gaining unwanted attention as a list of names had gotten leaked to the public.

The prestigious fundraising gala had been an annual event since 1948 and is considered one of the most anticipated occasions in the country.

It's known for the extravagant, theme-based dress code and strict guest list, consisting of high-profile individuals and industry big names.

This year the organizers had taken it up a notch by keeping their attendees to a minimum as a precaution to the ongoing pandemic.

Multiple news outlets tried to get inside information about the sacred guest list, including Page Six. Earlier this month, the source reported that the event invited influencers from different platforms.

They mentioned TikTok star Addison Rae and YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain who boasts 82 million followers and 10 million subscribers, respectively.

The unconfirmed change in the invite list had dismayed some celebrity guests who claimed that the Met had "gone from super prestigious to full of influencers."

Vogue's chief editor and lead organizer- Anna Wintour, has yet to make a statement about the event's rumors.

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The Viral Met Gala List

Due to the secrecy encompassing the fundraiser's details, people online created a fake guest list and seating arrangements.

The list had gone viral on social media as avid Met Gala fans felt various negative emotions towards it.

According to Insider, the fake invite list was comprised of TikTokers and controversial content creators.

Netizens made a fuss about the names listed down as some were deemed unworthy to receive an invitation to the Met, much less to attend.

Aside from Addison Rae and Emma Chamberlain, the viral list also mentioned Bella Poarch, D'Amelio sisters, and Jeffree Star.

A Fake Met Gala Account

The fraud guest list had spread so quickly because of how accessible and easy it is to share across Instagram. The said post was later on spread on different platforms, which was made by Instagram user @_metgala2021 and a bio that clearly states its non-affiliation with the Met Museum.

Even with the disclaimer, the account has 12,000 followers and 10,000 likes on its most recent post, which happens to be fake seating arrangements.

The misinformation provided by the account has reached over 100,000 people over on TIkTok and made James Charles trend on Twitter.

Sources have reached out to the anonymous owner through the account's direct message, but they have not received any response.

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