Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly feel scared after speaking up against Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy.

In the past months, Prince Harry and Meghan seemingly unleashed their power as independent members of the royal family by speaking up multiple times. Although practicing freedom of speech is acceptable, their way of using their rights went overboard by attacking Her Majesty and the firm.

Following those several outings, a new report suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are afraid of the consequences of their actions.

A couple's close friend said that they are afraid of the monarchy's challenging system, especially when they sat down in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Despite that, the pair - apparently - do not regret their current life choices.

"What started as a fairytale romance became a story that reinvented the genre - a self-made, independent woman playing an equal role alongside her knight," the source said.

What Caused the Impending Legal Headache to Happen

The new revelation came after news outlets revealed that Queen Elizabeth II plans to launch legal attacks due to the couple's reckless behavior. According to The Sun, senior palace aides are already in talks with libel experts.

Per the news outlet, Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family set a limit to how much they will accept from the two. To make the two aware of that, the potential case will reportedly remind them of how their attacks will not be tolerated anymore.

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For what it's worth, the duchess claimed that her life with the royal family members made her feel suicidal.

The queen's team reportedly plans to send the legal warnings to Penguin Random House - the company that will publish Prince Harry's memoir next year.

Prince Harry, Meghan' Scared' But Toxic-Free

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are alarmed by what is bound to happen to them, a royal author noted that they live away from toxicity.

Omid Scobie told People that Prince Harry and Meghan are excited to do their duties after their leave.

"They're a couple who do very well in those moments of human interaction. They need to be on the ground," the royal author said. He added that they are currently in a different but healthier place.

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