Courteney Cox is known for looking sharp on the screen all the time, even though she's making people laugh with her lines and antics.

This is why fans had a good time knowing she also suffers from occasional fashion mishaps, which she's not shy to share herself.

Known for her glam style, Cox revealed that she unwittingly drove onto a film set with her wet hair still covered by a towel. While this may have had happened to regular folks one time or another, especially moms who simply have a gazillion things to do in the morning before going to work, it's a bit funny to see it happen to Cox.

The actress, best known for playing control freak Monica in Friends accidentally drove into the Warner Bros. Studios lot with a towel atop her head, and it's in pink. Something that could have clashed with her whole outfit if she noticed earlier. The actress 57 shared the hilarious incident through a clip saying: "Just pulled into Warner Bros. and didn't realize that I still had this little number on, this little cutie." 'I'm surprised they let me in," she added.


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The video then shifted to Courtney looking much more like her polished self with her raven locks freed from the pink towel. "Much better", she said as she arrived on set to film. She's part of the upcoming horror comedy "Shining Vale" for Starz.

"Shining Vale is a smart, chilling and funny series that tells the story of a family in turmoil who is suddenly living with a paranormal who helps Courteney Cox's character get her groove back as she starts to question her own sanity," said Christina Davis, Starz President of Original Programming, in an official statement. "This group of talented actors, executive producers and director blends comedy and horror brilliantly throughout this series which exemplifies the network's commitment to improve female representation on and off the screen." 

Cox though is not known to try and project who she's not, even though social media can afford her to just post only nice things about herself. This is not the first time she made fun of herself or just act silly in her social media, for her avid followers.

Presently, Courtney Cox is dating Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid. She seems very happy and contended with the relationship as she greeted him on his birthday. "Happy Birthday to my best friend and love," she began her caption to her 11.6 million followers. 

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