While there is no doubt in anyone's minds that Kylie Jenner can afford things, and therefore, also have the luxury of spoiling her daughter to everything money can have acess to, fans just think its distasteful in the time of pandemic to do so. After all, Kylie Jenner cannot really hide what she has or do, given she posts them herself all the time. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott surprised their daughter Stormi Webster with a school bus this week, and while that sounds amazing - like something that can only happen to kids in movies, it does not bode well for many since the world is still presently combatting a virus. Many on social media slammed the two, more so Kylie Jenner from being so out of touch with reality and insensitive to the countless people who lost their livelihoods due to the crisis.

Based on what Kylie Jenner posted on her IG story, it is Travis Scott who bought the bus for their daughter, as reported by Page Six. Still, since ther reality star turned millionaire/billionaire business mogul is the one who posted the news, she got a brunt of the Internet world's ire.

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On August 24th, Kylie shared on her Instagram Story two pictures of her daughter inside and outside a yellow school bus. She said that this is a gift from her baby daddy got for his little girl. "All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus," Kylie wrote next to one of the photos. "Daddy surprised her."

The second photo showed Stormi walking inside of the empty school bus, which must have been an experience for a todder. According to Page Six, it is unclear if Travis rented the bus or bought it. Either way, the rich celebrity couple is facing backlash from fans on Twitter because of this. They claimed that the stars must be completely unaware that so many public school kids are presently missing the yellow bus they got to ride before the pandemic. Which also means they must be so blind to the plight of many public school children.

"'Bought a bus for my kid cause all the poor people who are gonna go in public schools were talking about the big yellow bus!!" That's the tone-deaf message people that are actually struggling GET. Cause they see two completely rich parents being completely tone deaf," one angry fan commented on Twitter.  

Some said that Stormi would probably not get the proper school bus experience with this gift, since what makes a school bus so fun are the people who ride it, not the bus itself. "What's the point of getting a empty school bus for here to ride in with no other children? She's not getting the experience she hoped for. Riding the bus is chatting with your friends and having fun. How she doing that by herself?" another fan tweeted.

Others just ranted about the couple having too much money and not knowing how to use what they have to help real causes or bring Stormi up right. Naturally, there were defenders as well.

This is after all, hardly the first time that the couple were accused of spoling Stormi. There are time and again, people who can understand why the parents keep throwing money for their kid.


"When it's your money and you made it, you can and should do what you like. They are the parents and can do what they want concerning their child. If people don't like it then don't look, but that also includes not commenting as well. Keep it pushing!!!" one fan tweeted in defense of the on and off couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, who are reportedly expecting their second child.

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