Everybody is happy and excited for Kylie Jenner, who is reported to be pregnant with her second child.

During the reality star's first pregnancy, she hid the entire thing from everyone. The 24-year-old didn't go out most of the time.

Now, all eyes will be on here as fans want to see what's happening and what Kylie will be doing.

But fans will be disappointed because, according to a source close to the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, people won't be seeing much of her in the near future.

The famous billionaire won't be out and about during her pregnancy as she wants a quiet life.

They told Hollywood Life, "She wants to keep this pregnancy quiet, you will probably see her out and about less and less."

Kylie, who owns a private jet, won't be using it anytime soon as she will not be traveling much, per the insider.

She will be focusing on only two things - her daughter and having a healthy pregnancy.

"She has her people who work for her, a few close friends and her security around her and that's it. Her inner circle is not huge."

And as for her lifestyle change, nothing much has changed.

"She doesn't go out much as it is and she's a total homebody," per the insider. "You only really see her go out for friends' birthdays and such."


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Kylie Jenner Empire - What Will Happen Amid Pregnancy?

But what's going to happen to her business? Kylie Jenner won't simply halt all her operations despite being pregnant.

The Kylie Skin creator will continue doing things despite focusing on her health.

"She goes into her office frequently and she designed the whole thing so it's like a second home to her."

Everybody knows that kylie enjoys working and is very hands-on with her brands, so that won't change because being in the middle of a pregnancy.

"That's why she built the office that she did."

Kylie and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, welcomed their daughter Stormi Webster in Feb. 2018 after officially dating in the spring of 2017.

Their relationship was on and off for a while, but by 2019, they finally called it quits.

More recently, however, they have been photographed looking like a happy couple once more, but still, they have yet to confirm that they're back together.

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