Billie Eilish's avid fans recently made the #billiejoin trend worldwide as a group of them wanted the singer to join them on Twitter Space.

Twitter recently had a new feature on their platform where people can gather and communicate in one Space where users can talk with the group. And as the fans who wanted to have a fun time with the "Bad Guy" singer, they wanted Billie to join them as well.

The Twitter hashtag "#billiejoin" even trended at the number two spot for over five hours on the list as the fans continued to persuade the singer to communicate with them through the Space.

A user tweeted a card for a space on September 6, where all the Billie fans gathered and waited for the 19-year-old singer to come and join them.

Did Billie Eilish Join?

Most celebrities have gone through so many ways to be creative with their fan services as they get connected with the fans who continue to support them. And by this time, while in the middle of the pandemic, being one with fans online may be the only option there is.

As the fans made the hashtag trend for a while, there have been speculations regarding Billie Eilish joining the same Space where the fans have gathered. Another Twitter user shared their alleged conversation with the singer where she claimed that she was already on the platform listening with many people.

Many left hilarious reactions regarding Billie joining the Space under the hashtag.

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Many people stated that they joined the said Space ever since the beginning, and they still haven't seen Billie any near them. As the night goes by, there have been a lot of tweets saying that they are still "deadly" waiting for the "Lovely" singer to come by.

Some have even left reaction videos as it was taking them longer to pull her in the conversation. While some are waiting, some Twitter users even checked whether the alleged Instagram DMs from Billie Eilish was real, so everyone is not sure whether or not she joined.

Another one was an account who also got an alleged response from Billie and claimed that the DMs were not her. In the end, everything is messed up. But at least, it was a fun night for the fans who have come together in just one night.

Billie Eilish is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who has already bagged ten Grammy awards since she started her career. And as of today, Eilish has some of the most devoted fans in the music industry. She also recently released her studio album entitled "Happier Than Ever" last month, July 2021, which has more than ten tracks included.

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