Machine Gun Kelly is accused of intimidating an elderly parking lot attended in court documents obtained by TMZ. 

The outlet stated that in court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, a man named John Martin Tilli claims that the rapper got aggressive with him last Aug. 23.

Tilli was at his job in a parking lot when he reportedly asked Megan Fox's boyfriend if he had a permit to film his and Mod Sun's movie "Good Mourning With A U" in a Studio City parking lot. 

According to the accuser, his job duty included opening the gate to allow employees from the bank to get into the lot. 

When he arrived for work that day and parked in his usual spot, he was reportedly demanded by MGK and his team to move his car because they were filming a video.

Tilli said he asked inside if the "Bloody Valentine" rapper had a permit or even requested permission to film in the parking lot. 

But when people told him that the 31-year-old Texas musician didn't get permission and had no right to be there, Tilli demanded that he and the crew leave the lot immediately. 

The lawsuit obtained by the outlet said that Colson Baker, MGK's real name, and his posse became upset, and they started to get aggressive with him. 

The group reportedly approached the elderly parking lot and then surrounded him to intimidate him and leave them alone as they filmed for the movie. 

Tilli, who describes himself as a "very sensitive, soft-spoken, gentle and quiet person," said in the court documents that Machine Gun Kelly pushed him in the front while his posse started pushing him from the other direction. 

The 49-year-old employee then was reportedly on the verge of tears for the entire day because of what happened, so he later filed the papers and sued the rapper for alleged assault, battery, and even negligence with elder abuse. 

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But this wasn't the first time MGK and his crew have had a run-in for assault. 

In 2019, he and his crew were being sued by Gabriel Rodriguez for an alleged assault in Atlanta after he reportedly assaulted the actor. 

G-Rod reportedly approached Machine Gun Kelly at a bar to confront him about his beef with Eminem, and then he was later asked to leave. 

As G-Rod was walking home that night, he spotted MGK's crew hanging outside his hotel, and an argument started.

At the lobby, the rapper reportedly threw insults at him and but the crew started attacking G-Rod.

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