The MTV Video Music Awards is known for dazzling red carpet outfits worn by celebrities, groundbreaking performances, and more. Fighting and altercation are the least things to think about during events like this, but unfortunately, it happened to Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly.

According to TMZ, the professional MMA fighter is back in the spotlight after suffering a devastating leg injury during a match a few months ago.

He attended the MTV VMAs red carpet and shockingly got into a fight with Megan Fox's beau, MGK. (watch their fight below)

The outlet mentioned the physical fight at the Barclays Center right before the show started, and countless bypassers photographed and witnessed the argument.

McGregor, wearing a hot pink suit, was dragged away from the musician by security personnel.

What Went Down In The Red Carpet?

Following the news, more sources came forward to the outlet to reveal the true reason why the two personalities fought each other.

The first insider, who's close to the MMA fighter, said that McGregor allegedly asked the musician to take a picture with him, but he ultimately refused to.

The situation escalated into him pushing the athlete who fell and spilled his drink. When McGregor picked up the drink from the floor, witnesses revealed that he threw it to MGK and Megan Fox.

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Another source told a different story by saying the fighter wanted to greet MGK, but his security got in the way and pushed McGregor away.

In addition, the fighter allegedly didn't know what was happening, and he was surprised by how officials treated him in the event.

At the time of this writing, Machine Gun Kelly has not confirmed the real story behind their altercation.

Conor McGregor Throws an Insult

The MMA fighter spoke to ET Online moments after the incident saying there's "absolutely nothing" that happened and he doesn't know "the guy."

McGregor then proceeded to throw an insult by saying he only fights real fighters and he "certainly don't fight little vanilla boy rappers." (watch his interview below)

"I don't even know the guy. I don't know anything about him, except that he's with Megan Fox." McGregor told the outlet.

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