Do Erika Jayne and her disgraced husband Tom Girardi have a secret bank account with a lot of money in it? 

Radar obtained court documents stating that the trustee in Girardi's bankruptcy case asked the judge for access to financial records from two banks, Chase and Citi.

This came after the lawyer investigating the case told the court that he saw mysterious bank accounts that Girardi or Jayne did not previously disclose. 

The miscellaneous bank and the financial accounts may have the money required to pay back all of Tom Girardi's victims, including orphans and widows. 

It was previously reported that the barred lawyer stole millions from the family of airplane crash victims to fund his and the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star's lavish lifestyle. 

Former clients of Girardi also revealed that he would often come up with excuses, explaining why they were not paid the actual amount as promised. 

His once-respected law firm, Girardi & Keese, now owes $101 million to creditors. 

According to a recently filed motion, the trustee explained that they found a variety of bank and financial accounts; however, there is little to no info about the said accounts. 

They further said that they will be needed copies of the records from Chase and Citi Bank because it may lead to more info "which will not only help me have a clearer picture of the Debtor's financial history, but may also help me determine whether any of the Debtor's assets have been wrongfully diverted."

As of writing, the judge hasn't made his ruling. 

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It was previously reported that Erika Jayne was once given a chance by an investigator to pay back the $25 million to the victims within ten days. Unfortunately, the Bravo star refused the offer. 

A legal expert believes that Jayne may not have any plans on helping or paying back the victims. 

Ronald Richards explained, "If she was interested in helping the victims, she would simply pay back some of the expenses that were improperly advanced by the law firm and improperly deducted by Erika on her LLC and personal returns."

He further told Page Six, "This would add 10 percent to her voluntary compliance payment. It is not about the fees, it is about the victims."

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