Wendy Williams is back home in her New York apartment after being hospitalized for psychiatric reasons.

The media personality is going through a lot these days. Just days before her hospitalization, she tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

Pictures of "The Wendy Williams Show" host showed her being pushed in a wheelchair while looking frail.

But according to Globe, the only reason Wendy is having many health problems is because she isn't taking care of herself.

An insider told the outlet that she knows she isn't taking care of herself.

In fact, she is reportedly not eating right and is obsessing over her ex.

"She's been doing crazy things like starving herself to get things and staying up late scrolling through social media and sending rambling texts to people that make no sense."

There are reportedly things the 57-year-old celebrity is stressing over, including not controlling her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

The pair finalized their divorce in 2019 after Kevin reportedly cheated on Wendy after 21 years of marriage. He allegedly fathered a child with his mistress as well.

But Wendy Williams' recent health concerns weren't the first time they happened that forced her to take a break from her hosting duties.

Three years ago, Wendy collapsed on live TV while hosting her Halloween episode.

Wendy also suffers from other health issues such as Graves disease, thyroid disorder, lymphedema, and many more.

According to Globe's source, it may take so much self-care for Wendy to finally come to her healthy place.

Currently, the "Hold Me In Contempt" author is reportedly lonely and craving someone to take care of her and rescue her from the darkness.

Unfortunately, the source said that her attitude, which is pushy and being bossy, is a complete turn-off for men.

"On top of her health issues, she's emotionally fragile and people have been fearing she's on a one-way trip to the ER."

However, it's best to take Globe's report with a grain of salt.

No one knows for sure if Wendy Williams is starving herself to death or is obsessing over not having any control.

But it has been confirmed that Wendy is lonely and is struggling with her health. She was frank about it to her viewers and Instagram posts.


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Where Is Wendy Williams Now?

A few days ago, Wendy Williams reportedly got out of the hospital and is "on the mend and doing well," according to Page Six.

Her show's season premiere has already been postponed because of her health issues, but according to the outlet, "The Wendy Williams Show" will return on Oct. 4.

Meanwhile, her brother Tommy also updated on her sister, saying that he has faith "Wendy's going to make it."

"We're praying. She's fighting."

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