Kate Middleton will be a Queen Consort one day when Prince William is appointed to be the King of the British throne. Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly considered her a "safe pair of hands" to help guide the monarchy's future.

According to Majesty magazine Managing Editor Joe Little, who spoke to Us Weekly, Her Majesty has a "great trust" in Middleton, especially now that an ongoing family fallout is happening within the firm.

In addition, the Queen proved her trust by bestowing Kate with "the royal family order," an honor only given to female members of the firm who have been around for a long time and "are deemed to be of great support to the Queen."

Queen Elizabeth II knows how important Middleton's role will be when Prince William becomes King, making Her Majesty trust her even more.

How Did Kate Middleton Earn Queen Elizabeth II's Trust?

Per Cosmopolitan, the Duchess of Cambridge earned the Queen's most trusted inner circle by being a "team player" within their family. She also acted very "low-key" in her first few years after marrying the Duke.

Little described Middleton's move as "very gradual," meaning she occasionally appeared for the first few years. She was considered "William's wife" rather than a working member of the firm.

The Duchess was also reportedly "picky" when it comes to her job, wherein she only focused her attention on the things that "mean a great deal to her."

Furthermore, she knows how to follow tradition as a royal while still recognizing how "the modern royal family has to evolve" in the future.

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Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton's Relationship

According to Harpers Bazaar, the two royals have a great relationship with each other as they are frequently spotted sitting together at various events and occasions.

Middleton previously gave a glimpse of her relationship with the Queen in an interview with ITV. She mentioned that her first Christmas gift to Her Majesty was a homemade chutney, in which she was worried at first.

Following this, she saw the food on the table, and it was a "simple gesture" for her, but it went "such a long way."

"it just shows her thoughtfulness, really, and her care in looking after everybody." the Duchess said.

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