Johnny Depp's fans continue to dig Amber Heard's dirt and found something about her father, David Heard.

On Reddit, a user posted a screenshot of Heard's statement during the hearing between Depp and News Group Newspapers (NGN).

The damaging post, which was shared under "JusticeForJohnnyDepp" thread, featured a screenshot of the court statement made by the "Aquaman" actress.

The highlighted parts recalled how Heard said, "My father was violent to my mother, growing up. He was very violent to her until the end."

The post author poured more fuel to the fire by saying how Heard's father not only held dog fights but also abused her mother, Paige Parsons, who died last year.

Meanwhile, commenters agreed to the statement and insisted that David's behavior might be the actress' excuse for acting like the abusive person she is.

One Reddit user theorized, "So it is possible that Amber learnt from her father to be an abusive piece of sh-t. Like father, like daughter. Alright, I think I know where this is going."

"There's a video of Amber telling her mom no eye contact at some red carpet event. She was crappy to her mom as well. At least now she's at peace," another noted.

Amber Heard's Father Threatened to Kill Johnny Depp

David Heard infamously ran an illegal dogfighting ring that caused his incarceration.

In a report to Ace Showbiz, owner of auto repair show David Killackey revealed that Heard's father made death threats toward the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor. The patriarch reportedly sent messages and phone calls to threaten Depp.

After the estranged couple separated, David reportedly felt more bitter toward Depp.

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Killackey also had a conversation with David once, wherein Heard's father accused Depp of ruining his career by blackballing the actress in Hollywood. He reportedly advised him to stop making death threats about the actor and violence against him.

David also had a bad background as he was once arrested and convicted for animal cruelty charges. He ran a torturous pit bull ring in Texas in the 1980s, per Radar Online. The report proved that he ran an animal abuse ring on his Midland County property.

At that time, he pleaded "nolo contendere," which is a form of guilty plea but without an official admission of guilt.

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