Royal Family members are keen on their diet and food intake as royal chefs make sure that they only serve food made with the freshest ingredients possible. Prince Charles is known for his love with organic food, and Her Majesty often indulges in chocolates; how about Prince William and Kate Middleton? Does the latter cook for her husband?

According to Express UK, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been known for their humor as they publicly poke fun with each other.

In 2016, the couple sat down to dine and eat a five-course meal prepared by Michelin-starred chefs; the Duke took the opportunity to make fun of his wife.

Middleton shared her kitchen experience saying her husband has to put up with her cooking most of the time.

Prince William savagely responded with, "It's the reason I'm so skinny."

Prince William Impressed Kate Middleton With His Cooking Skills?

In a 2019 BBC movie titled "A Berry Royal Christmas," Middleton told host Mary Berry that Prince William used to "cook all sorts of meals" while attending university in the mid-2000s.

"I think that's when he was trying to impress me, Mary! Things like Bolognese sauce and things like that." she said.

The Duchess also clarified in the film that she's good in the kitchen when it comes to sweets as she prefers to bake rather than serve savory meals.

On the other hand, the Duke is "very good at breakfast." as described by his wife.

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Kate Middleton Banned From Eating Several Foods

Despite being a royalty who's served with scrumptious meals almost every day, Middleton has a lot of dietary restrictions.

According to royal chef Darren McGrady, the Duchess of Cambridge isn't allowed to eat potatoes, rice, or pasta for dinner even though it's her favorite.

It's because the Queen isn't a fan of carbohydrates, and meals with such nutritional value are not served at their dinner table.

Middleton is known for her love with pasta, as she previously served it during Princess Charlotte's fifth birthday last year.

Royal Family's Public Food Restrictions

Even though members of the firm always appear in public and are served delicious meals in places they visit, they are not allowed to eat a particular food.

Per the outlet, royals are banned from eating shellfish as it could cause food poisoning.

But, they are allowed to indulge in junk foods and desserts, as Middleton previously revealed her husband's love for chocolate cake and pizza.

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