Kim Kardashian is rumored to be over her marriage with Kanye West and is ready to finalize their divorce, so soon after mentioning him on her "SNL" debut.

The business mogul is apparently tired of getting "mixed signals" from the father of her children, or that's what a particular publication is reporting. According to National Enquirer via Suggest, the Kardashian has had enough from the rapper and is now "hell-bent on divorce."

The article stated that the reason for the celebrity's strong-willed decision to separate herself from her estranged husband is due to Kanye's "online antics," which pertain to him trying to win her back.

Is Kim Sick of Kanye?

"Kim has been trying not to react to his stunts, but she's getting worn down because he won't let up," an insider relayed to the article. It seems like the "Flashing Lights" singer can't keep to his word as every time the couple reaches an agreement about their separation, he "does something stupid," which exhausts Kim out in return.

"She doesn't know what to believe anymore and is sick of the pulling and pushing," the source continued to say in regards to how the "KUWTK" star is handling the situation with West.

The Report didn't forget to mention and involve the family members of the SKIM's founder, saying that Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendal, and Kylie all want Kanye "totally out of the picture by the time the holiday season arrives.

According to the insider, "[Kim's] mom and sisters want Kanye nowhere near the family on Thanksgiving or Christmas," which is so unlike the reality TV personalities who are often forgiving and enjoy having all their family members at their annually Christmas parties and other gatherings.

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Kim and Kanye Are Weird

Before all this, the power couple was suspected of getting back together and trying to fix their marriage after the 40-year old socialite broke the internet by attending the artist's "DONDA" listening party.

This article by Cosmopolitan even listed down the reaction and theories that everyone had after seeing Kim wearing a white gown that eerily looked like a wedding dress. It was complete with a veil over her face.

There had been varying responses to the event, "Kim and Kanye are the weirdest divorcing couple I've ever seen," one person tweeted. At the same time, another asked, "Did we just see a vow renewal between Kim and Kanye?"

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