Halloween is just around the corner, and you want to dress like a character from your favorite TV show. Then, when you start talking to your friends, you discover that EVERYONE'S plan is to be a person from Squid Game. SIGH. Halloween is the one day a year where you get to be completely and totally original. So, what should you be now? Well, don't you worry! That's why we are here! Here are eight things you can be for Halloween if you don't want to be someone from Squid Game

1. Carole Baskin 

Carole Baskins In Tiger King
(Photo : Netflix)

With her new show Carole Baskin Cage Fight coming out on Discovery+, now is the time to dust off that flower crown and be the queen of cats herself: Carole Baskin. All you need is a long blonde wig, the aforementioned flower crown, a long flowy shirt, and eyeliner that looks like it was applied in the dark. So sorry, that was catty (ha. Get it? Catty?) 

2. Roy Kent 

Ted Lasso, Roy Kent and Keili
(Photo : AppleTv+ )

Roy Kent, one of the leads from the hit show Ted Lasso, would make a perfect costume for this Halloween. All you need is a gray jersey (which you can decorate yourself), gray shorts, and the thickest eyebrows you could possibly draw onto a person. We are talking about Eugene Levy level. Of course, you could go for a more dignified Coach Kent look with an all black suit, but, regardless of the costume you choose, the eyebrows must remain. 

3. ANYONE from Umbrella Academy

(Photo : (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix))

You can dress as literally ANY character on the show Umbrella Academy. Throw on 60s garb to be Allison or don the threads of a hippy cult leader to be Klaus. All you need to dress like a student on this hit show is the blazer with the school crest (which you can TOTALLY make yourself), navy shorts or plaid skirt, and knee socks and you are READY TO GO! (Take that Squid Game!)

4. Angelica from Rugrats as an Adult 

(Photo : Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Nickelodeon))
Rugrats, Frasier and other revivals coming to Paramount Plus

Okay, hear me out. We all know Angelica, the oldest sibling baby on the hit 90s kids show Rugrats. Everyone expects someone to dress AS Angelica. Why not dress as ADULT Angelica? All you need is to take the quintessential elements of baby Angelica's aesthetic (purple dress, purple ribbons, lots of purple) and put your own adult spin on them! Also, try to get a blonde wig. That will help! 

5. Pikachu 

(Photo : Pexels/mentatdgt)

Speaking of the 90s, going as a quintessential character like Pikachu will NEVER get old. You just need a yellow shirt that you draw some fun brown lightning bolt shaped stripes on. You can get as creative as you want to be! You could even just get a Pikachu onesie. This assures you will be the most comfortable one at the party. 

6. Joe 

Joe from You
(Photo : Netflix)

Hey! Halloween is all about the creepy and scary, right? Why not go as the creepiest and scariest man on television today: Joe from You. Dressing as Joe will be horrifying while also being incredibly simple. All you need is the standard I'm-stalking-you baseball cap, and an Aerocrombie aesthetic then the terrifying aura of someone that loves you so much they just might kill you over it. 

7. Marty Byrde

(Photo : Netflix )

When in doubt, why not dress like Marty Byrde from Ozark. To dress like this memorable character from this hit show, all you need is costume money, a dress shirt, and maybe cover yourself in fake blood. Why not? It's Halloween! 

8. Any Character on The Boys 

Here's What ‘The Boys’ Did After The Show Got Snubbed By The Emmys
(Photo : Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Amazon Studios)

Being a superhero for Halloween? Amazing! Being a superhero specifically from the show The Boys? EVEN BETTER! Halloween is a night where you can go all out, wear crazy things, and maybe even combine clothes you already own in a way that you never would otherwise. To dress like a character from The Boys, pick one to focus on and then start assembling pieces! Odds are you're going to need a cape. Hey, a bedsheet always works! 

So, those are some options you have if you really don't want to dress like someone from Squid Game. There are definitely others that are not on this list. Let this serve as your friendly reminder that there were shows before Squid Game, and there will be shows after Squid Game. Happy Halloween!