Johnny Depp easily showed the extent of his fandom again as he conquered twitter's trending list following his appearance at an event in Rome.

Over the weekend, Depp jetted to Italy for the annual Rome Film Festival. The actor made an appearance to mark the premiere of his new animated TV series, "Puffins."

The event also saw a hair-raising moment between Depp and his fans, who lively cheered for him on the red carpet and praised him. The actor, in return, waved at them to greet them.

Johnny Depp Still Has People's Approval

His power reached Twitter, and his simple appearance at the event proved that he still got the public's approval despite the Hollywood shutting the doors for him.

On the social media platforms, fans shared photos of Depp from the event and captioned them with words of support amid his battle against Amber Heard.

One fan noted, "multiple surveys made by Italian media showed that Johnny Depp is the most loved celebrity of all time in Italy and that today's events were the most successful and had the biggest audience in the history of the Rome Film Festival and that's why they gave him a special award."

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An internet user also captured the whole moment on camera, showing people cheering on him as he walked through the Auditorium Della Conciliazione, Depp, once again, interacted with his young fans and gave them kind words.

"I never see any other actors interact with younger children as much as I do with Johnny Depp! This is one of the reasons why I love him and will always support him! He's just incredible!" another added.

Depp's Support After Good News

The overwhelming appearance came after the court ruled in favor of him as Heard tried to dismiss the defamation lawsuit filed against her.

Judge Penney Azcarete recently disapproved the request of Heard's lawyers to petition the Virginia Supreme Court in joining the case.

"The defamation claim in the UK was based on completely different statements than the present case," Azcarete said in her 10-page opinion. The Fairfax County Circuit Court's move allows Depp to continue his case against his ex-wife who penned a damaging op-ed that led him to lose his roles in the Hollywood.

Heard tried to remove the case thrice - and she failed all the attempts.

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