Does Angelina Jolie only keep her kids for publicity?

Jolie took the spotlight in the past weeks during the "Eternals" premiere and promotion. Fans also noticed that she brought her kids -- Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox -- to red carpet events and appearances for the MCU movie.

While those events gave them a chance to meet their mother's friends, Brad Pitt's pals do not see it as something beneficial to the minors. Instead, it caused them to assume that the actress only brought them for publicity.

One source revealed to New York Post, "Angelina's using the kids. It's hard to understand how this behavior of parading them around is in their best interest. Brad never takes the kids out publicly - and he rarely talks about them."

Is Angelina Jolie Truly Doing That To Her Kids?

Far from what Pitt's friend claimed, a source closed to Jolie dismissed the claims through the same news outlet.

According to the insider, the children are actually open-minded and do not do things that they do not want to do in the first place.

It is also worth noting that three of her kids expressed their desire to testify for their mother in her current custody battle with her estranged husband,

The court document filed in December 2020, which was only publicized this year, revealed that three of the children have asked to testify in the proceedings. It did not mention who exactly among them want to testify. But five out of their six children are still minors.

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"The children whose custody is at issue are old enough to understand what is going on," Jolie's lawyer said, as quoted by Daily Mail. "The trial is necessarily going to impact them emotionally."

Recently, she also opened up about not being a perfect parent to her children. Still, she said she is lucky with her children who are helping her when she becomes too hard on herself.

Amid the legal battle, Jolie ultimately wishes for her family to heal and for everyone to move forward. Although she is not okay with Pitt, she also hopes for the best for him as they will always be a family.

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