Britney Spears' former manager, Lou Taylor, broke her silence on her alleged involvement in the pop stars conservatorship and denied all accusations of Spears' "bugged bedroom."

It seems like Lou Taylor is done keeping the peace between her and the "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer. She released a statement saying she has no involvement nor has anything to do with the heated allegations of Britney's private life being recorded.

The business manager also said that she has no control over what drugs or medical treatment the celebrity was prescribed over the past decade, including her father's conservatorship rights.

Lou Taylor Files An Appeal

According to this article by TMZ, the CEO filed her appeal to the judge in charge of Spears' case. The legal documents were filed by Taylor's company, Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, and contained the request for "putting a break" on the singer's legal team.

Attorney Matthew Rosengart has moved on from their previous target, Jamie Spears, and now has his eyes on the company founder. Apparently, the lawyer has been asking for access to the complete accounting files of the company for the last 13 years.

Rosengart speculated that there must have been some dirty play that occurred during the years that Spears' was under her conservatorship while simultaneously being managed by the Tri Star Group as he believes that "money has been mishandled."

People reported that Taylor and her team have been "providing regular accounting" records to the younger Spears and her former legal team for eleven years, yet received no complaints. So why did Matthew suddenly request the documents now?

Rosengart answered by claiming that "even [Britney's] own lawyer at the time didn't protect her or her money."

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Taylor's Company Denies Involvement

On the topic of the alleged hidden surveillance cameras and recording devices, the company representative claimed that "No one at Tri Star has ever suggested monitoring Ms. Spears' electronic communications." and that "No one at Tri Star has ever had the authority to approve security protocols."

Taylor's team also denied the accusations of being "aware of any hidden electronic surveillance device placed in Ms. Spears' bedroom." They even added that they had never "received any compensation related to Ms. Spears' or her Estate that is not accurately reflected in the accounting filed or to be filed in this case."

Furthermore, the former manager clarified that Spears was not yet under the management of Tri Star during the time of her conservatorship back in 2008.

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