Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic's nemesis and star of the famed Netflix series titled "Tiger King," previously made headlines after trying to sue the media giant and the production company. However, in a turn of events, Netflix hits back, saying she's not allowed to do it; what happened?

According to Daily Mail UK, Netflix counters the Big Cat Rescue founder's lawsuit by saying she and her husband agreed to use any material that features them in future content.

Netflix's lawyer Rachel Fugate said in court documents that the couple agreed to use footage at their Tampa cat refuge in other projects aside from the show's first season.

The media giant also said Baskin is trying to block their First Amendment right to free speech, meaning Baskin is only allowed to sue the media giant for damages after "Tiger King 2" has been released.

Aside from the abovementioned issue, Netflix accuses Baskin of using the series' popularity for her likeness and publicity as she appeared on "Dancing with The Stars" and became a "pop culture phenomenon."

The lawsuit is currently pending in Tampa, Florida, federal court. In early reports, Baskin is suing the streaming service and Royal Goode Productions Inc., the production company behind "Tiger King," for using their footage in a sequel of the viral series.

The couple believed that any sequel "would not include any of their footage."

The animal rights activist contends that the production company led them to believe their interview videos and other footage would only be used in one documentary. Still, now, Netflix will be releasing a sequel set to air on November 17.

Aside from the alleged unauthorized use of videos, Baskin also claims that her portrayal in the first season suggests that she had something to do with the disappearance of her former husband in 1997, who has never been found.

Carole Baskin recently spoke to The Associated Press about her upcoming series with Discovery+ and said this was the first time someone had "mislead" them and been so "dishonest."

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'Tiger King's Popularity

The show's first season, which was released in March of last year, became immensely popular as people were forced to stay at home because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"Tiger King" rakes over 64 million household viewers in its first month.

The show also got a nod from the annual prime-time Emmy Awards, as it earned over six nominations.

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