Luke Bryan is ready to rock his big debut as CMA host or the 55th Annual CMA Awards, and we have no doubt all will go well... so long as no cat fights break out! 

As a two-time CMA Entertainer of the Year winner, touring giant, American Idol judge and constant hitmaker, Luke has lots of experience rolling with the punches. Constantly living his life in the spotlight, nothing rattles the Georgia native... well, almost.

Luke Bryan
(Photo : Audacy )

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"He's gonna kill it, he's perfect for that," Runaway June's Naomi Cooke told Audacy's Katie Neal of Luke taking the CMA Award stage as the first solo host in 18 years, "Like, nothing can go wrong with Luke on stage."

"Unless there's a cat fight!" The trio's Jennifer Wayne chimed in. Allow us to explain... 

Runaway June, who recently wrapped touring with Luke on his Born Here Live Here Die Here tour played the ultimate prank on Bryan as they staged a cat fight during the last performance of the run and let's just say, Luke was ROCKED.

"There is one way to throw him off and we know what that is, we figured it out!" Laughed the trio's Natalie Stovall, who played a large part in the prank as she "took over" vocally during a part Naomi typically sings.

"He was rocked, he was completely rocked," Naomi laughed. "He really thought that we broke up on stage. Like, he thought that the band was done. It was amazing."

She continued, "He told us after, backstage, he was like, 'And the best part about it was that y'all don't even know, it ruined the rest of the show! I couldn't recover.'"

So what does Luke have to say about all this?

"Yeah, they got me. They got me good," he laughed, recalling the prank with Audacy's Coop. "I mean, Naomi had always performed this one part, but then Natalie jumped up there, jumps on her part. They had spent some time working on it, but I was out there like, 'well, Runaway June, they're done!'"

Don't think cat fights are anything Luke has to worry about as all Country artists are excited to get together to celebrate Country music's biggest night. For him, he's focused on being himself and having a great time and being Luke Bryan... we have no doubt all of those expectations will be met! 

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