Princess Diana was one of the beloved members of the royal family before her untimely passing in 1997. Despite having a close relationship with some royals, the late Princess was reportedly scared to ask one thing in front of Queen Elizabeth II; what could this be?

According to the royal family's former chef Darren McGrady, who recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, the Princess of Wales was afraid to ask a second plate in front of the Queen as she was too stressed to sit down with the longest-reigning monarch.

To get more food, Diana would often come down to the kitchen. (watch the full video below)

The chef mentioned that the late Princess loved to eat leftovers on the kitchen table, where she talks about plays such as "Phantom of the Opera" and "Les Misérables" with him.

McGrady also spilled about Diana's favorite food to indulge in. He said her favorite food was crepe souffle, an amplified version of the classic french thin pancake.

Darren McGrady Used To Have a Plan So Princess Diana Could Enjoy Eating Her Favorite Food

Since the chef was fond of the Princess at the time, he said he strategized a plan so she could enjoy her favorite dessert whenever she's dining with Her Majesty.

McGrady said he's in charge of the lunch menu, so he often presents two choices to the Queen.

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He would add the crepe souffle in the menu with another option that he knew the monarch wouldn't like so Diana could indulge in her food, and he said, "it worked every time so the princess got her crepe soufflé when she came to visit the Queen." (via Express UK)

Darren McGrady Is a Part of the Film 'Spencer'

Since McGrady was a key staff member, he is part of the 2021 film "Spencer," where Kristen Stewart portrayed Princess Diana, and Sean Harris played his role.

After watching the film, the chief said he had "goosebumps," however, he pointed out some inconsistencies.

He said Sean Harris called the Princess "Diana" in the movie; McGrady clarified that he has more respect for her as he called her "Your Royal Highness" back when she was still alive.

Aside from that, McGrady said the Sandringham Estate, where the movie was set, had five chefs. He also pointed out that the amount of food used in the film was enough to feed a "whole cruise ship," which he cannot cook in real life.

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