It was recently announced that the original casts of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are coming back for the 12th season of the show; however, Kathy Hilton reportedly hasn't yet signed on to the show because of this reason.

According to a report from TMZ, the 62-year-old TV star is waiting for the Bravo show producers to "ante up more money for her." Adding more from that, she still hasn't signed the contract as she simply doesn't feel like Bravo has offered enough for the payment.

Her sister, Kyle Richards, has remained silent ever since she was asked about her sister's return to the show. However, she did respond that Hilton was "MIA" for the show as she was busy preparing for her daughter, Paris Hilton's wedding, which happened on November 11, Thursday.

The Busy Mother

As reported by Page Six, Richards said last Thursday, "Where do you think [she is]? She's getting ready for Paris' wedding." And when asked regarding her sister's participation in the show, she replied, "Not today, Paris is getting married today."

Richards, along with the rest of the cast members, filmed an event at Sutton Stracke's store before the wedding day. However, Hilton wasn't in attendance.

This resulted in many fans commenting on an Instagram post looking for her. "Where is Kathy Hilton? We need her," one fan said. Another also said, "Beautiful picture, only thing missing from it is Kathy."

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Hilton On Becoming A Full-Time Cast Member For 'RHOBH'

The mom of four debuted in the show in October 2020, appearing as a "friend" for Season 11. One insider told the source that Hilton never wanted to be a full-time cast member. And for her reason, she thought it would be "easier to make appearances when she pleased."

There was also a time when she, herself, confessed to having a "complicated relationship with the show," emphasizing that both of her sisters, Kim and Kyle, co-starred full-time earlier than her. Not just that, but she also admitted to being "so hurt" after witnessing her sisters' drama through her SiriusXM podcast "Lunch with Bruce" visit last month.

Hilton said she "didn't speak to my sister for a long time" after watching the siblings go through an alcoholic fight in a limousine, back in the finale party for Season 1, per source.

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