Lisa Vanderpump might just make an epic comeback to the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but only under one condition.

The reality star is reportedly demanding a higher salary this time around. Based on this article by The Sun, Lisa has been talking to the show's executive producers regarding her return to the show, saying that she "wants to rejoin" but only "if the price is right."

According to sources, the "Queen" herself won't accept any lower offer than what the franchise offered her former best gal friend- Kyle Richards.

Lisa Vanderpump's $2M Price

Multiple informants speculated that the 61-year old will up her price to no less than two million dollars. "Expect a 2 and not a 1 in front of it. I can guarantee you this: she will absolutely not return to the show for less money than Kyle Richards is getting," the insider relayed to the publication.

It also helped that there was "mutual interest" between the creators of "RHOBH" and the TV personality in the idea of her return in the next season.

"The show is eyeing to get her back too. She has stayed in the [executives] good graces all these years, it would make sense for her career and for their show," the sources explained. Although, there's no doubt that Vanderpump will "view it as though she's doing [the producers] a favor and not vice versa."

Her income towards the end of her tenure was rumored to be estimated at around $750,000 to $1 million per season, which is how much Richards is confirmed to currently earn in one season after working for 11 years on the show.

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Vanderpump Flop

The main reason why Lisa is attempting to come back despite having bad blood with her former best friend is that her "RHOBH" spin-off, "Vanderpunp Rules," is not improving on its declining viewership.

According to sources, the show had recently aired the first episode of its ninth season. However, the majority of its cast was missing. This is not the only project of the starlet that is not doing well. Even her new shows "Vanderpump Dogs" and "Overserved" are not fairing well with its ratings.

"Between the terrible rating with Overserves and Vanderpump Dogs and VPR crashing in ratings, she hasn't been able to find success outside of Beverly Hills Housewives and wants to make a return," exposed an insider.

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