The Queen may have been suffering from a health scare recently, but she has suffered a lot of challenges during her 70 years in service, including the divorces of three of her four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew; could this be her true feelings?

Royal historian David Starkey previously spoke in a documentary "Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones: The True Story," where he revealed the longest-reigning monarch's feelings over the ruptured marriages of her children.

He said Her Majesty began her reign by taking an oath on the day of her accession that the royal family would be like it was during her predecessors' time.

"And those were, at least in public, model royal marriages, and it was a model family," he said. (via Express UK)

Starkey added that the failed marriages remind the Queen of her "own failure" because deep inside, she's like every mother that blames themselves.

"Somewhere deep inside herself, at least if she's like every mother that I've known, including my own, finally she'll probably blame herself," he went on.

The Royal Family Had 'Lessons To Learn'

Starkey said that the firm had "lessons to learn" after years of failed relationships within the family, which he described as the "age of marital breakdown."

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The historian clarified that it's difficult to pinpoint whether the royal family had already learned from themselves but said it's hard to determine because the problems they've had are "very similar to the problems that so many other parents' children have had."

Divorces Among Queen Elizabeth II's Children

In 1992, the family was shocked to learn that Princess Anne, the Queen's only daughter, divorced her husband, Mark Philips.

Town and Country Magazine reported that after the couple had their child Zara, they were having marital troubles as they were rarely seen with each other. After fifteen years of marriage, the former couple separated because of Philip's infidelity.

Mark Philips later moved in with a woman who's 28 years younger than him.

In the same year, Prince Andrew legally separated from his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson; the Independent UK noted that they divorced because of the Prince's duties as a navy. The couple reportedly meets each other around 40 days a year.

In a 2007 interview, Ferguson said she spent her entire first pregnancy by herself.

Their divorce was finalized in May 1996. That same year, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also got divorced because they had reportedly been unfaithful to each other.

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