Chrissy Teigen is a center of controversy again after throwing a Netflix show-inspired lavish party with star-studded guests. Twitter users called her out for being "tone deaf" with the situation; what could this be?

According to People Magazine, the cookbook author celebrated her love for the hit 2021 South Korean series "Squid Game" by throwing a lavish party complete with costumes, decorations, and more.

In a series of photos posted on Teigen's Instagram account, servers can be seen passing out food and drinks wearing the iconic pink magenta jumpsuits. (check out the images below)

The model and her husband, John Legend, dressed up as their favorite characters. The singer wore a golden mask and robe, like the VIP in the show. While Teigen can be seen wearing the "red light, green light" doll costume complete with an optical illusion makeup to make it look like her eyes are bigger.

"what an absolutely epic night. my dream came true of watching my friends fight to the death! dunk tank, musical chairs, hide and seek followed by a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey," she wrote.

Among the star-studded guests were "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell and "Modern Family" actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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Despite Teigen and her company enjoying their night, many Twitter fans were not happy with the theme of their party, deeming it "tone-deaf" as they overlooked the true meaning of "Squid Game."

"im sorry rich people are literally so tone deaf. squid game was literally about people whose lives were so awful because of being poor that they'd rather play a game of literal life or death to escape going back to poverty and chrissy teigen is really reenacting it in her mansion," one fan wrote.

"Chrissy Teigen threw a Squid Game themed party and once again missed the entire point," another fan wrote.

"can we stop giving her attention thanks," one tweeted.

"chrissy teigen is probably the dumbest b**** alive this is the most tone def s*** i've ever seen in my life," one wrote.

At the time of this writing, Chrissy Teigen has not publicly responded to the recent drama she's involved in.

Chrissy Teigen's Previous Drama

Teigen's recent issue comes two months after comedian Heather McDonald accused her of shaming her on social media.

The drama started when the "Lip Sync Battle" star posted an unflattering photo of herself without makeup. Teigen wrote in the caption that her fans are "conditioned to seeing perfect photos."

Following this, McDonald called her out by labeling her as a "humble brag" and "hypocrite" in her comment.

In an interview with TMZ, McDonald explained her side by saying Teigen made her look back as the model is trying to flip the story to make people sorry for her.

"I really think she's very strategic about her social media that when she realized that, she was like 'wait a minute, let me just remind everybody to feel sorry for me' in case they're on Heather's side." McDonald said.

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