Carole Baskin insists that she wants her footage removed from the sequel of the hit Netflix series "Tiger King" even though the media giant debunked her claims saying she can't file a lawsuit. The animal welfare activist is now speaking out, saying the producers allegedly deceived her.

Speaking to TMZ a day before the series premieres, the big cat animal rescue owner explained how she ended up filing a lawsuit against Netflix to stop using her videos on the show.

Baskin clarified that she doesn't want to stop Netflix from producing a second installment from the show; she just wants them to stop using her likeness from the sequel as she's already done with the first season. (watch her interview below)

"The only thing we were asking them to do is remove footage of me. We're not trying to stop people from seeing Tiger King... We just don't want people constantly screaming threats and abuses and coming after me and my family."

She said producers deceived her as they initially presented her a pitch that the show would be a "Blackfish"-styled expose on animal abuse like breeding cubs, exploiting, and discarding wild animals.

However, the final product was the exact opposite despite them showing her an early promo cut.

"That's what we thought this is going to be. And they said Joe would be just a very tiny part of this, and we were shocked to hear it actually ended up being called Tiger King and was all about this made up you."

The outlet also said they spoke to Jeff and Lauren Lowe and hinted that they would come after Baskin for tipping off the authorities to violations at his Tiger King park.

The animal rights activist later put out a stern warning against them, saying, "I say, watch Carole Baskin's cage fight because you will see the aerial footage that we got from the drones flying over the Tiger King Park."

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Carole Baskin Can't Sue Netflix.

In early reports, Netflix countered Baskin's lawsuit by saying she and her husband agreed to use any video or their likeness to feature them in future content, like "Tiger King 2."

In legal documents, the media giant's lawyer Rachel Fugate said that they agreed to use footage at their cat refuge in other projects aside from the first season.

Aside from that, Netflix also said Baskin is trying to block their "First Amemendment right to free speech," which means the animal activist is only allowed to file a lawsuit once the sequel has been released.

They also accused her of using the show for her popularity as she appeared on a season of "Dancing with the Stars."

The said lawsuit is currently pending in a federal court in Tampa, Florida.

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