Britney Spears' post-conservatorship goals and concerns are in the limelight right now.

However, it was her recent speeding that caused a lot of anxiety among those around her.

Jodi Montgomery, her former conservator, is said to have had medical specialists and a judge detail a number of suggestions to safeguard the "Baby One More Time" singer when she regains her freedom after 13 years.

According to paperwork acquired by TMZ, the mom-of-two should be more cautious behind the wheel, citing an incident on Sept. 26 in which she was caught speeding in Los Angeles.

Britney was stopped by a CHP officer in Westlake Village for driving 62 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Fortunately for her, she just received a verbal warning.

Britney Spears' conservatorship was revoked in July after she pleaded with the court for her rights to be restored to her at an emotional court appearance a month previously.

The "Toxic" hitmaker was "extremely thrilled the conservatorship is finally allowing her to drive," according to a source who talked to People magazine at the time. She is overjoyed and appreciative for all of the assistance she is getting."

This wasn't the first time the blonde bombshell had difficulty on the road.

Britney made a stir in 2006, just before her conservatorship took effect, when she was pictured driving with her then-five-year-old son on her lap.

She apologized in a message to Access Hollywood following the event, stating she "made a mistake."

According to MTV, she was running over the toes of paparazzi in 2007. She was also caught running a red light, driving while on the phone, and making illegal turns, among other trafficking charges.

Britney's driving rights were removed when her conservatorship took effect in February 2008.


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Other Post-Conservatorship Recommendations

She was also advised to stay away from drugs and alcohol in the suggestions for her post-conservatorship life.

However, the plan advises the award-winning actress to continue receiving treatment from a mental health professional, taking her meds, and attending therapy sessions on a regular basis.

Britney Spears is not compelled to follow these guidelines, even if they are encouraged.

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