The "Real Housewives of New York City" star Ramona Singer  displayed quite a displeasing act when she sat on the first row and placed her drink on the stage just like anyone would when seated at the bar. After being apprehended by the staff, she begrudgingly took the glass off only to have it put right back after he left. 

According to Page six, the star refuses to obey covid protocols at Diana Broadway opening.

As if the first incident wasn't enough, Singer allegedly didn't want to wear a mask during the show. The guests had straws on their drinks in order to sip the drink while wearing masks but the reality star didn't want to have straws so she could have an excuse to remove her mask. The "Rhony Star" had to be persuaded to put on a mask during the show. 


When contacted by the management, the representative of singer informed Page six that she аdhered to аll of the theаter rules during her night out. "Rаmonа only removed her mаsk when she took а sip of her drink, which wаs permitted," Singer's representative sаid. "A lаrge number of аudience members hаd their drinks on the stаge 30 minutes before the performаnce begаn, аnd when it wаs аnnounced thаt drinks were not permitted on the stаge's ledge, everyone immediately left. Rаmonа loved the plаy аnd thought it wаs аn аmаzing night."

This isn't the first time Ramona expressed her displeasure with masks and Covid 19 protocols.

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It can be recalled that in early November,  Ramona shared a video comparing the mandatory vaccine to the likeness of living under the rule of the Nazi regime. In the video, Robert F. Kennedy was implying that the vaccines were a result of a "pharmaceutical driven, biosecurity agenda."

He also stated that "The Nazis did that in the camps in World War II. The Nazis tested vaccines on the gypsies and Jews, and the world was so horrified after the war, we signed the Nuremberg charter. We all pledged when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent - and yet in two years, all of that conviction has sudden disappeared." Ramona captioned the video she shared with "So true". 

The star seems to have a notion that rules do not apply to her.

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