On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Meghan Markle recently displayed her comedic side.

The Duchess of Sussex had viewers in stitches as she participated in a prank set up by Ellen.

While out in public, she wore an earpiece and played out whatever the 63-year-old talk show presenter directed her to do.

Meghan Markle Prank

As part of a prank, Meghan Markle surprised a few street sellers by singing and dancing in front of them while referring to herself as a mother.

During the prank, the former "Suits" actress crouched and made herself seem odd in public, a far cry from her guarded and traditional existence in the UK.

Viewers weren't expecting the mother of two to follow Ellen's orders, but she did, even crouching in public while wearing heels and even swigging milk from a baby bottle.

She also chanted while holding a crystal to her head in the skit before putting it down and glancing at the other objects for sale.

While some viewers applauded her for being so wonderful, possibly forgetting that she was an actress before becoming a royal and ex-royal, others described the whole affair as cringeworthy, pointing out all of the strange things that came with the prank and the interview.

Palace Is Laughing

On Reddit, Emolia commented that perhaps Buckingham Palace must be laughing, not for the right reasons.

"This woman is destroying herself a bit more everyday and in the process making the actual Royal Family look so good."

Changing Personas

Another Redditor, Ellie3759, noticed how Meghan Markle seems to be changing personas constantly.

"Probably trying everything to be more liked. This fluff I think she will see is not going to help her get ahead in politics."

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'Embarrassed' For the Duchess

Some Redditors said they were embarrassed for the Duchess of Sussex.

According to OP DaBingeGirl, though the interview with Ellen DeGeneres didn't bother her, "the humiliating of the vendor thing is making me incredibly uncomfortable."

She cites that a royal expert pointed out how Meghan made a mockery out of the vendors, with Ellen also making a mockery out of the former royal.

Ellen DeGeneres Is 'Disturbing' and a 'Sadist'

Additionally, the OP said that "the fact that something like that is a normal part of Ellen's show is really disturbing to me," because she believes there was nothing funny about it.

"It was a woman in a position of power making another woman humiliate herself for ratings."

Meanwhile, RoohsMama agreed and said, "Ellen was thoroughly enjoying herself. That woman is a sadist. She looked zen as she ordered Meghan around."

PR Nightmare

The OP further questioned what Meghan's husband, Prince Harry, must have thought of this.

"Regardless of all the stupid stuff he's done lately, he's been trained by some of the best PR people in the world for decades."

"He had to know how bad this looks, especially the people they're trying to socialize with."

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