Amber Heard continuously receives new accusations ahead of the defamation case Johnny Depp filed against her.

In the past months, Heard tried convincing the Fairfax County Circuit Court to dismiss Depp's lawsuit against her. But for the third time, Judge Penney Azcarete sent her and her team a disapproval notice, preventing the actress' lawyers from petitioning the Virginia Supreme Court to join the legal issues and help her dismiss the case.

Although they are yet to throw blows against each other, Heard unceasingly suffers from allegations being thrown by Depp's fans, claiming she had planned everything all along.

Amber Heard Wanted To Bring Johnny Depp Down?

On Twitter, several users asked the public to #HoldWomenAccountable as men can be victims of domestic violence, too. For the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor, his fans believed that his ex-wife had a plan before all the legal showdowns happened.

One said, "In 2011, #JohnnyDepp was one of the most famous & highest paid actors IN THE WORLD!!! I DO NOT believe #AmberHeard didn't have a 'game plan'. I DO believe she used & ab*sed JD."

"Amber Heard made a villain like monologue where she detailed all her plan from the start and follows by saying that no one would ever believe Johnny Depp. What Amber don't get about villains is that they can beat the shit out of the hero but THE HERO ALWAYS WINS IN THE END," another previously warned.

Their comments resonated with what Depp claimed during his UK libel court case hearing in which he sued The Sun over its article, calling him a wife-beater.

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At that time, the actor claimed Heard used him after meeting on the set of the 2011 "The Rum Diary" to improve her own career. Per Depp, the actress was extremely friendly to him when they began working together and usually told him about her breakup with her former partner.

Depp, after going through the same hardships, said he would have seen the red flags if he knew what kind of person Heard truly was.

After seeing Heard's tactics, Depp reportedly fell for everything about her and thought she loved him back.

In the end, he maintained that his estranged wife only married him to make her Hollywood career grow since he was a top actor at that time.

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