Queen Elizabeth II cannot stop herself from working despite her health scares since it is what "keeps her young," an expert claimed.

Queen Elizabeth II has been worrying royal fans as she has already missed several important events since her recent overnight hospitalization. When she tried going back to the spotlight, she again suffered from an issue that put her in the "toughest" time of her life.

Still, a royal expert believed that Her Majesty somewhat found comfort in working despite being forced to skip engagements for now.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl said the Queen enjoys serving the monarchy since it keeps her hype and young.

"Behind the scenes, in private, it's probably been the hardest time of her reign. In [Philip's] absence, her family is incredibly important. They are everything," she said, as quoted by Express UK.

The Queen and the late Prince Philip were supposed to celebrate their wedding anniversary earlier this month, but this year marked the first time Her Majesty remembered it alone following her husband's death.

Queen Elizabeth II Finding Comfort After Losing Prince Philip

Losing Prince Philip probably affected Queen's health, leading her to suffer from a personal crisis at the same time.

It is worth noting that she once referred to her late husband as her strength and stay all these years. However, when she lost him this year, everything reportedly felt a little heavier than it used to be.

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Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe recently said it was very unusual for the Queen to visit Sandringham in November. Usually - since the 1980s -- the royal family members have been traveling to Sandringham to celebrate the holiday season with the Queen. It also served as the retirement home for her late husband, Prince Philip, since leaving his post in 2017.

Larcombe told OK! Magazine that the visit was a major sign Queen Elizabeth II was suffering.

"The Queen always goes to Sandringham for Christmas but I've never known her to head there as early as she did," he said. "It may be that she was there because of her health issues but she may well have made the decision to visit because that's where she feels closest to Phiip."

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