Being an owner of a multi-million dollar fashion and beauty brand, Rihanna will do anything to give her consumers a unique and fresh new product that they'll surely buy; however, the billionaire entrepreneur's latest venture might not be everyone's cup of tea; why is that?

One of Rihanna's lines of businesses, Savage X Fenty, recently released a pajama collection that catches the public's eye.

It looks like your average plaid sleepwear in front, but looking from the back, it has a round cutout in the buttocks area. (watch the video below)

The product is called "Tied Up Tartan Open-Back PJ Pant. It features a multi-colored checkered pattern, and it's available in different colors.

Rihanna tried the outfit on herself, and she shared it on her Instagram stories over the weekend. The outfit aims to celebrate all shapes and sizes for people to be more comfortable with what they're wearing.

After the photos and videos made rounds online, many Twitter users were dismayed with the latest collection, deeming "disgusting."

"Disgusting, have some decency," one wrote.

"How much larger are we talking? Keep your big a**** covered - nobody wants to see it once you enter 1x territory," another one wrote.

"i cannot believe Rihanna is trying to sell us those bare ass pijamas," one tweeted. Despite the backlash she received, there were also fans who defended her for her latest product.

"it's like you downing Rihanna by making it seem like Rihanna deserve backlash for showing her a** cuz Lizzie do when in fact Lizzo just shouldn't get backlash it's a situation that doesn't need comparison , Twitter gon Twit," one wrote, referring to Lizzo who previously showed her buttocks to the public.

At the time of this writing, Rihanna has not publicly responded to the online uproar. The product remains available on Savage X Fenty's website, and it retails for $49.95.

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Not The First Time Rihanna's Brand Made Rounds On The Internet

In early reports, another product of Rihanna also made online users wild and left confused.

In June of this year, Savage X Fenty previously released butt-revealing leggings, which are marketed as loungewear or "staying in" outfits for home.

Many critics took to different social media platforms to call out the garment, but many fans defended that it's not advisable for women to use it while working out.

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