Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast on YouTube, is known for his insane way of giving money to random people. Recently, the famed content creator made his version of Squid Game complete with players, props, and sets for them to compete for money. However, not everyone is pleased with his recreation as he recently became a trending topic on Twitter.

It all started when another YouTube creator, Jon Youshaei, compared MrBeast's version to the original one, saying Jimmy Donaldson managed to rake over 103 million views in four days, compared to the Netflix series, which amassed 111 million views in 30 days.

"More views, less time, fewer gatekeepers. That's the promise of the creator economy," Youshaei added.

Following this, many fans aired their thoughts on the situation, deeming MrBeast's version as a "bad take" because he wouldn't get millions of views without the original series.

"A remarkably bad take. Mr Beast wouldn't have gotten the views without the hard work of the creator of squid game. He literally copy and pasted the content and piggy backed off the popularity of squid game," one fan wrote.

Lyle Rath, another content creator, weighed in on the situation, saying MrBeast has all the money to produce his original series, but he mentioned that the recreation is "insanely dumb."

"The video itself is fine but the take is insanely dumb. Especially since the video itself wouldn't even exist without the work he's comparing it to," he wrote.

Despite the backlash, there were fans who defended the millionaire YouTuber, saying the public shouldn't vilify him because he's also charitable. He gives away homes, cars, and money to the public.

At the time of this writing, Jimmy Donaldson has not publicly responded to the adverse reactions online.

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MrBeast's Million-Dollar 'Squid Game' In Real Life

Last Friday, MrBeast released his recreation of Squid Game which featured 456 contestants for a $456,000 prize money.

Donaldson and his team took their time to recreate the actual set, complete with props, guards, costumes, and more.

They also recreated their version of the games seen in the Netflix series, including the ever-popular "Red Light, Green Light," Glass Bridge, the Dalgona challenge, and more.

According to Mashable, the YouTuber started working on the video in mid-October, and he previously revealed that he spent over $3.5 million to produce the recreation.

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