It seems like Kate Middleton has developed a preference for the type of gifts her children will receive this holiday season because of a specific reason.

Reports state that the Duchess of Cambridge can't help but be careful about what kind of presents to buy for Prince George and Princess Charlotte for Christmas. According to OK! Magazine, the royal has started to lean off purchasing electronics for her kids.

Like any parent, Kate Middleton has begun preparations for the holiday celebrations, specifically the gift-giving part.

The publication mentioned that the mother of three "is not keen" on giving her little ones "any tech" this coming December since she is worried that they already "spend too much time" on their iPad and playing computer games.

Kate Middleton Prefers Practicality

Middleton considers giving her eight-year-old and six-year-old "practical presents" after determining that they are spending "too much screen time" on their gadgets.

However, the Duchess isn't the only one who thinks this is a good idea. Prince William has also expressed his hesitancy in "spending their money on anything extravagant," especially for Princess Charlotte's and Prince George's Christmas gifts.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl claimed that the couple is being cautious about making this decision. She said, "I'm sure [Kate Middleton and Prince William] are not going to want for anything, but when it comes to technology and screens, they are careful not to spoil them with extravagant gifting."

"If it is something that happens to be a computer game or something like that then they are cautious of screen time so it could be a more practical gift," the commentator added. "George enjoys his iPad at school, both he and Charlotte are quite tech-savvy, like most children, there probably are technical gadgets and such on their wish list."

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What Kate Middleton's Mom Has Prepared

Meanwhile, over at the Middleton household, Prince William's mother-in-law has already decided on her "cheeky" surprise for her three grandchildren.

Cambridge News reported that Carole Middleton decorated their humble home according to the occasion but with a sprinkle of humor as the Duchess' mother shared what she had planned for Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and even Prince Louis upon their upcoming visit.

"I'm going to need a few of these cheeky chaps this December, to hide around the house and make my grandchildren laugh. As much as I love immaculate decorations, we can't be too serious at Christmas!" the older Middleton captioned her Instagram post showing the "festive gonks" that's become a trending Christmas ornament and seen everywhere in stores.

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