Prince Harry got seemingly cut off by Prince William for good.

Prince Harry and Prince William somewhat took away the royal fans' anxiety when the royal brothers showed major signs of reconciliation during their most recent get-together at Princess Diana's statue unveiling.

Body language expert Judi James said at that time that the brothers' gazes during the event proved they had already ended the beef between them. However, the comment opposed what a new book claimed.

Prince William Snubbing Prince Harry For Months

In author Christopher Andersen's newly-released book, "Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan," he claimed that Prince William has been siding Prince Charles instead of defending Prince Harry.

With that, they reportedly developed more bad blood between them.

"It's really Charles and William versus Harry and Meghan. William is fiercely loyal to his father. He thinks his father is a great historical figure who has been underestimated. And he feels for his dad. They all love the queen, but when you're maybe going to be king when you're almost 80 years old, it's a sad position to be in," he explained to Fox News.

He alleged that Prince William never returned any of Prince Harry's phone calls for months. The Prince of Wales also gives his son the same treatment.

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Andersen also brought back the claims he mentioned in his book, saying he named Prince Charles as the royal who commented on Archie's skin tone through the Sussexes' interviews.

The author added that the Palace and bureaucrats misconstrued and twisted Prince Charles' statement until it sounded "nasty" reached Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex apparently confronted his father and brother about the remark, to which they responded he was being oversensitive.

"They told him, 'You're overreacting, you're being oversensitive. Let's move on.' And it just added fuel to the fire. There was a lot of tension already, and that just made it so much worse," Andersen continued.

Andersen then noted it was the only time the Prince of Wales made comments on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's children. Prince William previously maintained that the royal family is not a racist one; thus, Meghan Markle's claims about repeated racist incidents were implausible to happen.

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