Rumors believe Queen Elizabeth has been using her power to order her son, Prince Charles, to take away Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal titles.

One article made by Woman's Day, via Suggest, talked about the 95-year-old monarch getting "progressively angrier" due to her grandchildren using their titles and having remained "rocked" by the Sussexes' move to California.

The Duchess became the topic of numerous headlines after finding out that she had penned letters to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Charles Schumer for paid leave for parents with a Sussex header and usage of royal title.

The Queen Orders

According to an exclusive report by the publication's source, the Queen doesn't like the idea of being the one who will remove their names. "It's not fair that it could be one of her final legacies and she doesn't deserve to have it end on that note," they stated.

The monarch, out of cowardice, ordered the Duke of Cornwall with the said plan. The informant concluded, "She's told Charles that if he thinks it's the right move, she supports him doing it. She's handed most of the powers to him as unofficial regent as it is."

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What Is The Truth?

The same source has mentioned how there have been a lot of reports surfacing and proclaiming that the couple will be losing their royal titles anytime soon. They also noted that numerous were talking about the royals in the United States and their possibility to have their titles removed.

Still, in the end, they are acknowledging the Queen's "colossally rocking" legacy.

Plus, they are still named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They have also clarified that the Queen is still close with Harry, that the father of two even managed to use her nickname for his newly born daughter.

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the palace, they have clarified that they will still keep their royal titles despite moving.

Based on their royals' website, "​​As agreed and set out in January, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will retain their "HRH" prefix, thereby formally remaining known as His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex."

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