It was announced that Kate Middleton will be participating in this year's live Christmas carol concert to commemorate health care workers.

According to Express, the Duchess of Cambridge will take on a big step for her first Christmas carol this season. Not only will she become a part of the event, but Middleton will have his "first" time to host the show, as royal journalist Natalie Oliveri told Today Extra.

This said event will be held live as a token of respect and will be a thankful gesture in the healthcare industry that did their all to help the nation fight against the Coronavirus, which broke out in 2020.

The Special Host Kate Middleton

The royal journalist in Today Extra Australia said, "This is the first time a member of the Royal Family has done anything like this."

"And there will be a big thank you for all the volunteers and organizations, the doctors and nurses, everyone in the healthcare industry who has helped to go above and beyond to go through the coronavirus pandemic," Oliveri also added.

She announced that the Christmas carol will be filmed at Westminster Abbey this Wednesday, December 8, through ITV, the BBC's rival network.

They continued to clarify that most Christmas specials are meant to air on BBC. However, they changed plans at the last minute due to the "ongoing row with the Royal Family and the BBC" because of "The Princes and The Press" documentary.

They were also expecting that the three Cambridge children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, will have their special appearance for the coming Wednesday.

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The Controversial Documentary

The announcement came after the controversial documentary which assessed the media's interference in the Royal brothers' childhood and personal lives, per source.

Other than that, it also focused on the Royal Family's relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before they decided to "step down" as a royal member and live independently in California, US.

Based on a report by Metro, the documentary included suggestions that royal sources had been briefing journalists behind the scenes, including potentially releasing negative stories about other households. It stopped short of repeating allegations saying that the Duke of Cambridge's aides briefed against his brother Prince Harry after leaving the palace and quitting the royal family.

The three royal households, later on, issued a rare joint statement blasting the broadcaster for 'overblown and unfounded claims' for the pilot episode of the controversial BBC show.

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