In the midst of Tristan Thompson's new drama regarding a fitness instructor named Maralee Nichols, who alleged that the NBA star is the father of her newly born child, Khloe Kardashian's family always got her back, and they're not happy with the recent scandal.

According to insiders who spoke to The Sun, Kris Jenner is furious at the recent claims, and she's demanding Khloe to "cut ties" with the NBA star.

Regarding the "Good American" CEO's true feelings about the situation, the source said she was "shocked to the core" when the allegations started circulating online.

Khloe may have cut ties and separated with Tristan earlier this year, but the insider insists that it was "not the whole story" because she's been giving her ex-boyfriend "one last chance" to change for the better.

The Sacramento Kings basketball was reportedly getting therapy, staying single and "out of trouble" so Khloe could see that he was changing.

Aside from Kris and Khloe, the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is said to be furious by the way the mom of one was embarrassed again.

"They've told her she's been humiliated for the last time," the source said.

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Their family reportedly agreed with Khloe having a friendly relationship with Tristan for the sake of their co-parenting duties, but getting back to a romantic connection is "too far."

The insider adds, "It's humiliating on so many levels. Kim and Kris aren't happy with Tristan and everyone will be surprised if they welcome him back into the family. If they do, it'll be for True's sake."

Furthermore, everyone's been telling Khloe that she needs to find "self-respect" amid the chaos.

Tristan Thompson's New Baby

The recent news comes after Maralee Nichols alleged that the basketball star is the father of her baby.

The Los Angeles-based fitness instructor reportedly gave birth a few days ago.

Maralee has filed a paternity suit against Tristan, but he's trying to silence her in court. In recent reports, the NBA player requested a judge for an emergency gag order.

According to TMZ, Tristan filed for the petition on Tuesday in Harris County, Texas, which will let him and Maralee stay silent amid the allegations.

In the petition, the dad of two reportedly pointed out several occasions where Maralee violated the confidentiality order regarding the case, including her interviews with the press, sharing personal information, and taking to her Instagram account to spread what he says are blatant lies about him and the Kardashian family.

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