Meghan Markle reportedly lost her mind as all her Hollywood plans failed her.

As the Sussexes expanded their connections in the US again, Meghan shared her story with Ellen DeGeneres in the recent interview on the show. She also proclaimed she did not hold back when she outed almost all her moments with Prince Harry when they were still dating until they relocated to the US.

Unfortunately, her appearance seemingly became a career suicide as she failed to get the public's charm.

National Enquirer revealed in its recent edition that the Duchess of Sussex did not do anything during the interview but further embarrassed the royal family. One insider said everything had been a train wreck for Meghan.

"Meghan's wacko TV appearance was an unforgivable disaster and the royals, especially Prince William and Kate, are outraged," an inside exclaimed. "Just when they thought the Sussexes couldn't stoop any lower in bringing shame and scandal to the family, Meghan proves them wrong again!"

Even Meghan's Hollywood friends reportedly felt humiliated after seeing her on TV screens.

Meanwhile, another insider saw the event as the "final nail in her career coffin" since it only worsened her image in the US. The same source insisted that while the couple tries to enjoy their new lives, Queen Elizabeth II is hell-bent on saving the monarchy and would not allow them to destroy that.

Meghan Markle Lost Her Charm In Hollywood?

Meghan's approval rating has continued to dip since leaving the royal family. But no evidence could prove that her interview on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" did wrong to her career and status.

She also never mentioned anyone from the royal family in the interview. Thus, it is safe to say that she did not further damage the monarchy.

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Currently, Meghan - with the help of Prince Harry - is doing her best to promote her causes and help people in need. Their move in the US also gave them their highly-anticipated breath of fresh air since she dealt with a lot of headaches due to the media scrutiny she suffered from.

In fact, she was even named as 2019's Most Unfairly Treated Person in the United Kingdom after becoming the subject of several issues, including the exploitation of Markle's father, Thomas Markle, the baby shower issue, her relationship with Doria Ragland, and more.

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