It's a good thing Spider-man: No Way Home is finally coming out, because we're pretty sure we can't take much more cuteness between Tom Holland and Zendaya. It's just too much heckin cute.

Yesterday, Zendaya posted a tribute to her boyfriend and co-star on Instagram to tell him how proud she is of him, which is already adorable as it is.

The post contained one picture of Holland working on high wires during filming, and one that appears to be him dressed as Spider-man as a little boy - and no, that's not the cutest part. In the caption of the post, Zendaya called him "My Spider-man," a callback to her happy birthday post from a few months ago in which Holland called her "My MJ," right before their relationship went public.

(Everyone already knew they were dating, but they hadn't said it yet, so at the time this was considered evidence on top of being so sweet we could almost die.)

Fans, of course, immediately freaked out upon seeing the cute callback post. With the hype of the movie opening and all the adorable pictures of them together on the Red Carpet for Spider-man: No Way Home, we are officially all in danger of a Tom and Zendaya Cuteness Overload.

Now that their big movie is finally out, maybe we'll be seeing some couple's vacation photos pop up on their instagrams in the near future. (We can dream, can't we?) Holland does have another project lined up already, having just signed on to play Fred Astaire in a new biopic, but hopefully he'll have a little time off before he jumps from swinging on webs to tapping on sound stages.

You can see Spider-man: No Way Home in theaters now (but we sincerely hope you already have tickets.)