Britney Spears isn't the only one standing up to her little sister.

Britney may be free, but her family keep managing to pull her back down, the latest attempts coming from younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears after she told Nightline that the pop star "got in [her] face" and "screamed at" her while she was holding her daughter Ivey, and detailing that she felt uncomfortable that her elder, 12-year-old daughter had to mediate.

Britney Spears gave a response to Jamie Lynn's story that called much of what she said grabs for attention, saying her reports were exaggerated and don't erase the treatment she recieved at the hands of her family - including Jamie Lynn.

Now, the singer's story is actually being corroborated by one of Jamie Lynn's former Zoey 101 co-stars: Alexa Nikolas, who played Zoey's best friend Nicole on the show.

In her own statement, Nikolas said she stands with Britney on the matter, also alluding to the fact that Jamie Lynn was never a nice person to be around.

  Nikolas says that the younger Spears' new book - leaked a week before its planned release - is full of lies and not to be believed. Other members of Britney's former team have also called Jamie Lynn a liar. Former costumer Tish Yates also recounted that she later found out the Zoey 101 star was stealing outfits out of Britney's trunk while on tour, leaving her scrambling to figure out what happened to them.

It appears that many in her circle agree that Jamie Lynn Spears is not to be trusted, and neither is her book.